Upcoming Hipsway Gigs

We’re happy to announce a whole string of dates coming up in August.

Apart from playing up on our home turf, we will be playing our first gig down in London, our first their since the Town and Country Club (now The Forum) thirty years ago!

The O2 ABC 30th Anniversary Show

Last year’s gigs in Glasgow were a truly magical and surreal time for us.

Despite not having played these songs for about 30 years it was surprisingly easy and fun to get them together and get the classic Hipsway sound back.

Welcome To Our New Website

It is our great pleasure to announce Hipsway’s emergence from the darkness 30 years since the release of our debut album.

Last year, the prospect of a deluxe CD edition of Hipsway (Cherry Red 2016) prompted us to consider performing live once again to celebrate the release.